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Sep 18 2018

6 Best Online Psychology Programs for 2017

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Top Online Colleges for Psychology Degrees in 2017

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Individuals who obtain a degree in the field of psychology have the opportunity to pursue careers in a range of fields. Graduates of qualified degree programs within the field of psychology are able to apply for jobs in the private and public sectors and within a variety of settings. Psychologists provide assistance to individuals experiencing emotional or mental disturbance in a variety of settings, including schools, sports and jobs.

Professionals trained in psychology are equipped with the skills necessary to successfully work within criminal justice and human service agencies. Additional career opportunities exist in fields, such as marketing, which require an in-depth understanding of human behavior. Careers in the field of psychology are expected to experience faster than average job growth over the next five years.

Here are the top online colleges for psychology degrees in 2017. All tuition information was gathered from the school s website.

Capella University’s programs are designed for professionals looking to advance their careers. The university offers many specialized master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology online, as well as a few certificate programs. Some of these programs also have fieldwork or internship requirements to give students hands-on experience. The tuition ranges from $385 to $768 per credit hour, but Capella has numbers to back up the price. The average salary of master’s alumi rose 72% between the start of the program and 5 years after graduating.

  • Walden s online psychology degree programs and online counseling degrees are taught by faculty members with years of practical experience in their respective fields. Walden s BS in Psychology offers core courses in both 6-week and 11-week formats, allowing you the flexibility to accelerate your degree or progress at a slower pace. Take up to three courses per quarter and reduce your time to completion.

  • Grand Canyon University s Master of Science in Psychology is a non-thesis program designed for individuals who desire promotion and/or continued academic exposure in the field of psychology. This program explores how people think and why they act the way they do, making the knowledge learned, applicable to a number of fields and career opportunities including areas such as sports psychology, life coaching and organizational training.

  • After becoming one of the most successful tutoring and test prep organizations, Kaplan put its educational expertise to work by offering associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s programs. For psychology, the university offers a fully-online, 180-quarter-credit bachelor’s degree covering the major concepts of the discipline, while also allowing students to specialize in industrial/organizational psychology, substance abuse, child development, or applied behavior analysis. Tuition is $371 per credit hour, with discounts of up to 50% off for active and retired military service members, their spouses, and international students. Kaplan also offers a trial period, so students can try classes for a week without any financial commitment.

  • Northcentral University can provide the crucial education piece of your psychology career puzzle by delivering educational opportunities that help you acquire the knowledge, skills, practical application and values integral to this field. NCU offers a Master of Arts in Psychology degree program that can provide you with solid insight and knowledge into human behavior as you develop your critical thinking, writing and research skills to further analyze psychological principles and apply them to personal, social and organizational issues.

  • Colorado Technical Universit y

    Colorado Technical University was named among the Best Online Programs for 2017 in U.S. News and World Report. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is designed to provide students real world application of psychological concepts and theories. Students will develop analytic, interpersonal, and leadership skills to be competitive in today s job market.

    To determine the best online Psychology programs, we looked at the most important factors prospective students, mainly common predictors of future success and a school s commitment to online programs. This boils down to admissions rate, student loan default rate, retention rate, graduation rate, and the percent of students enrolled in online classes. All data points are taken from information provided by colleges and universities to the National Center for Education Statistics.

    Each factor is weighted evenly in order to give an objective view and determine the 6 best online Psychology programs. To calculate our rankings, we looked at a school s ranking when organized by a single factor, and then averaged each category s ranking to find an overall score: Admissions Rate (20%) + Default Rate (20%) + Retention Rate (20%) + Graduation Rate (20%) + Percent of Students Enrolled in Online Classes (20%) = Final score.

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