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Sep 18 2018

705 Masters in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


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Besides teaching you what happens if you stick a fork into an electrical outlet and why you shouldn t do it, Electrical Engineering is a subfield of Engineering Technology, in which Bachelor�s and Master�s degree students focus on resolving issues within Power Engineering, Electronics, Electronic Equipment and Machinery, and other power-related concerns.

The combination of engineering and physics makes this subdiscipline highly compelling and multileveled. Think of Electrical Engineering students as a combination of Nikola Tesla and Victor Frankenstein who operate within a great number of specialisations, such as:

� Microelectronics
� Telecommunication Engineering
� Signal Processing
� Integrated Circuits
� Digital Electronics
� Optoelectronics

Graduates will be expected to draw and create power circuits, while also developing organisational and analytical skills in order to record, analyse, and interpret various engineering data. All of these skills will be used for a future career as:

� Aerospace Engineer
� Electrical Engineer
� Network Engineer
� Electrical Systems Analyst
� Electronic Equipment Designer

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Suggested Masters in Electrical Engineering

The Master of Science in Signal Processing and Computing at Aalborg University teaches students how to effectively integrate algorithms into hardware and software architectures. The Master�s programme covers courses about scientific computing, stochastic processes, and machine learning. Learn to test and develop signal processing for wireless applications, hearing aids, or audio and video systems.

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