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Mar 22 2018

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Government of Western Australia

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

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Regulates Western Australian building and plumbing industries.

Find out about the functions and jurisdiction of the Building Commission.

Application and renewal information.

The process for getting building work approved.

Find an appointor, builder, building surveyor, painter or plumber.

Information on building or renovating your home or small commercial building and becoming an owner-builder.

Legislation, codes and standards for adjudicators, builders, building surveyors, painters and plumbers.

Building service and payment disputes.

Latest information and subscriptions, events and seminars and public consultations open for comment.

The adjudication process for resolving payment disputes.

Develops, enforces and promotes legislation that protects consumers.

Information on renting, buying or selling a home, including accommodation for seniors.

Information and advice for buyers of goods or services.

Information for businesses about their rights and responsibilities under consumer laws in Western Australia.

Information on applications, requirements, training and registrations for regulated industries.

Information for charities and associations operating in Western Australia.

Find out about Consumer Protection and access online resources.

Compliance actions, public consultations and reports.

Technical safety regulation for the electricity and gas industries.

Learn about who we are and what we do, information on legislation, reports and useful links.

Find out how to use gas and electricity safely.

How to apply for a licence or search for a licensed person.

Information on appliance approvals and network operators.

How to report an accident or incident to EnergySafety.

Subscribe to the Energy Bulletin, safety alerts and update your contact details.

How to register and lodge eNotices.

State system employment laws and public sector labour relations

Learn about our role and get to know the WA industrial relations system, and information on public holidays in Western Australia.

Information and resources for agencies on public sector employment and labour relations.

Rates of pay, leave entitlements, when children can work and other employment rights and obligations.

Information and terms of reference for the Ministerial Review of the State industrial relations system.

Monitoring compliance with the Western Australian Building and Construction Industry Code of Conduct 2016.

The BCI Code commenced on 1 January 2017.

Implementation Guidelines to the Western Australian Building and Construction Code of Conduct 2016.

When you need to report something to the BCCMU.

Resources providing information and frequently asked questions.

Contact details for the Building and Construction Code Monitoring Unit.

Regulation and promotion of safety in general industry.

How do I obtain a licence, register plant, seek a review, or request an exemption?

Find out how to report an incident or make a complaint about a workplace hazard.

Find out about the functions and jurisdiction of WorkSafe and the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health.

Your guide to safety and health in small business.

How do I comply with the law?

How do I make my workplace safer?

Information about and for safety and health representatives.

Events, statistics and educational resources.

Learn more about work health and safety reform.

Freedom of information guidelines, reports, policies, plans, and contact information.

Our legislation, contacting us and freedom of information.

Information about our website and how to use it.

Policies and strategic plans from the department.

Subscribe to one of our media statement digests.

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