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Jun 22 2018

WBM Office Systems

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A Centre Of Excellence

Driven by a Focus on Client Understanding and Commitment within the Canadian IT Community

At WBM, our mission drives us to be Best in Class in the solutions we are providing, delivering tangible results to every business objective we accomplish, across every core competency we develop.

WBM Solutions are streamed into the 9 distinct Corporate Centres of Excellence shown, each with their own team of business unit leaders, specialists, and strategic objectives.

Driving our ability to achieve Strategic Business Objectives for each of our 3,000 active customers is a dedicated Team of Client Relationship Managers, who play a central role in WBM’s ability to be an IT partner to our clients.

This is The WBM Commercial Partnerships Team. with Relationship Managers focused on SMB business, non profit organizations, a dedicated healthcare specialist, and a team of Enterprise Account Managers.

Backing all WBM Solutions is a team of technology professionals that is now over 125 strong, and a service delivery methodology that has been recognized as “Canada’s Best Service Organization” in CDN Magazine as it has developed and evolved through our partnerships with many of Western Canada’s most progressive businesses and corporations.

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